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Laptop Skin - compatible with HP EliteBook 840 (G1 & G2)

Laptop Skin - compatible with HP EliteBook 840 (G1 & G2)

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A premium vinyl Laptop Skin sticker compatible with HP EliteBook 840 (G1 & G2).

Personalise with your own image or choose from our selection of Famous Art.

Optional text field to help identify your laptop. Just insert your name, nickname, company or any text of your choice!

Probably the easiest to install laptop skins on the market!

  • Aligns precisely with laptop's dimensions

  • Luxury silky feel with a matte finish

  • Optional cutout to show your laptop logo

  • Protection from minor scratches

  • Bubble-free installation with RapidAir®

  • Removable with no damage

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  • Step 1: Clean laptop surface

    Before applying your Laptop Skin, make sure to clean the surface of your laptop. This helps avoid unnecessary bubbles or damages to the sticker material. Warm soapy water and a cloth work wonders!

  • Step 2: Remove excess material

    Remove the excess sticker material (the outside part) and the top (narrowest) backing. Tip: don't remove the large backing yet!

  • Step 3: Placement

    Align the top of the skin with the correct side of your laptop and stick the top of the skin down. This is an important step so make sure the alignment is as good as possible!

  • Step 4: Get sticking!

    Gradually remove the backing and stick the rest of the skin down removing any air-bubbles as you go. Remove any remaining air bubbles by pushing them to the outside.

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